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Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Hand Wash Pack of 2

Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Hand Wash Pack of 2

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Made with natural tea tree oil extracts, this hand wash is formulated to thoroughly cleanse your pores. And with an added benefit of killing bacteria such as E.coli that t tea tree extracts are known for.


Key Ingredient: Tea Tree Oil: The Tea tree oil extract in the hand wash is perfect to stave off bacteria and other harmful microbes on your palms.

Usage Instructions

Pump a coin-size amount of hand wash on your wet palm. Work up a lather, wash thoroughly and rinse well.

Key Benefits:

  • Naturally moisturizes: Its antibacterial and purifying characteristics make it a natural moisturiser that keeps skin from drying out.
  • Antibacterial: Its natural antibacterial ingredients completely cleanse the palms and leave them feeling fresh and free.
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