Our Story 📖

This is us, We started with a purpose 😇

The key to successfully build anything - especially a habit or a routine - is to do it everyday. And as simple as that sounds, doing something everyday can be a surprisingly hard thing to do. 

Which is where we come in.

We’ve created Haeal with one purpose - and one purpose only - to make building healthy habits easy. That every product we make is nature-based with active ingredients extracted from natural sources, makes it just a little easier to turn into a habit. 

From soaps to handwashes to lotions to sanitisers our easy-to-use products are infused with nature-based ingredients - tea tree oil, turmeric, charcoal, vitamin C, and aloe vera. 

Our supplements too, packed in convenient capsules, are full of super potent natural ingredients - from curcumin (a powerful antioxidant) antibacterial) and spirulina (a powerful brain booster), to vitamin C (a powerful immunity booster) and garcinia (a natural weight loss agent). And, all USDA organic approved, non-GMO and 100% bio-available.

hat’s about us. We would love for you to tell us what you liked, and even better, what you didn’t. As happy as the former will make us, we’re keen to know the latter, so we can make the former better. 

As one of our first customers, we would love for you to spread the word about Haeal.