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Kumarika Hair oil 100ml - Pack of 3

Kumarika Hair oil 100ml - Pack of 3

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Kumarika Hair Fall Control Hair Oil is a specially formulated herbal concoction of amla, brahmi, aloevera, gotukola, nelli and mukunuwenna. It not only nourishes the hair naturally but also helps control hair fall and makes it stronger.


  • Anti-hair fall product: Enriched with the power of natural herbs, Kumarika Hair Fall Control Oil fights against hair fall leading to baldness. Studies have found that hair fall can occur due to irregular blood flow in the scalp, massaging your scalp will regulate blood flow and Kumarika Hair Fall Control Hair Oil will nourish and strengthen your hair thereby greatly reducing hair fall. Use it daily for optimal results.
  • Contains herbs that you can see with your eyes: Kumarika Hair Fall Control Hair Oil is made from the natural extracts of brahmi, amla, aloe vera and coconut, most of which can be seen inside a strong and transparent container. All these herbs have the natural properties to reduce hair fall. Other hair oils just claim that they are made from herbs, but Kumarika actually shows what has gone inside. You can see the natural goodness and these herbs for yourself with your own eyes.
  • Non-stick and pleasant smell: Kumarika Hair Fall Control Hair Oil is made from natural herbs after years of research. This makes it light and non-sticky. Unlike other hair oil, Kumarika Hair Oil doesn't feel like a burden on your head and keeps you in a relaxed state after application. The major benefit of using natural herbs is that it has a pleasant smell after use. Kumarika Hair Oil is light, refreshing and easy to wash after use.
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